Update Update V. 1.4

We have pushed out V. 1.4 as a release-type update. The following changes have been made:

  • Added a Discord integration
  • Ban sync
  • Role sync
  • Server preview widget that you can see in the bottom right-hand corner
  • Webhook to post any forum threads in the Discord server
  • Added featured threads (Good and informative posts will be featured!)
  • Added profile banners
  • Improved code embeds (Insert --> Code)
  • Improved attachments, EXIF data will now be stripped
  • Improved conversations
  • Added passive-agressive forum roles (just so staff members can link it easier - https://ryderg.net/help/rules/
  • Added default avatar for banned members
  • Working on adding question threads
And here are the addons that we added because of that:
[8WR] Discord integration
Attachment Improvements
[XD] Feature threads
Conversation improvements
Install & Upgrade (not mentioned as it is a dev-only addon, cant be viewed in the front-end)
Special Avatar for Banned Members
[KL] Profile Cover
Read about our problem with role mentions on discord here
Read more about versions here
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