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The Creatorly Scam - DO NOT TRUST


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Mar 2, 2020
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Oh shit, here we are back with Ep. 3 of DO NOT TRUST. This time we will be addressing Creatorly/Talentsy Creators/Enfinity.

The Story
Once again, this story will be in first person.
In late 2019, I pay for "Creatorly"'s service (1 year) to get access to custom channel art, Epidemic Sound & TubeBuddy. Everything goes fine until somewhere at the start of 2020 when the service randomly goes down for multiple weeks (this story is fairly accurate, but please note that the approximate dates may not be perfectly accurate). They come back later with a completely rebranded service & a "screening" for new creators (Typical MCN, however Creatorly was a pay-for-access service before - all the people who paid for the 1yr plan got scammed). Due to that, I email them (Kyle, the support team & another email address from the Enfinity MCN) expressing my concerns regarding their service. No. Reply. For. Weeks. Even after a FINAL warning, they fail to respond. The chargeback is pending, but such a scam cannot be tolerated. Please do not trust "Creatorly" or "Talentsy". I am unsure of their affiliation with Enfinity, but I think some staff are shared between the services. I will post any updates.

They have finally responded and are working on a refund. I will keep you updated.
Issue resolved, they are not a scam, but rather had some issues with communication.
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