Network Rules


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These are RGN's Network rules. Violation may result in punishment.

  • No threats
  • No impersonation
  • No DoS/DDoSing and no raiding
  • No unfair advantages; read about whitelisted mods here
  • No staff disrespect
  • Do not evade punishments
  • Listen to staff - They have the final say
  • No toxicity
  • Unspoken rule: Call people by their correct name (Don't call Helpers "helper" - they also have a name)
  • No Racism
  • Since many people just say it to troll, no discussion about being trans- homo, etc
  • Use common sense
  • No spamming
  • Do not compromise other's accounts
  • No lag machines
  • No duping/exploiting
  • No Targeting/Stream Sniping

Note to the privacy policy: Besides all the stated things, we also reserve the right to publish banned user's IP adresses and/or emails to shared blacklists.

These rules can be updated at any time, for any reason, with or without notification and they will be in effect immediately unless specified otherwise.
Anyways, happy mining and crafting!