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Do not trust Kenhel "The editor"


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Mar 2, 2020
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Welcome back to another information-post about potential threats to your server, business or YT channel. You should [EDIT: DO NOT HIRE THIS PERSON!] be careful when hiring them or when being associated with them. In this post we will be addressing an immature individual called Yang Zi Jun "Kenhel" or "Kenhel Excallius".
He is a "video editor", located in Singapore and has been blacklisted from our services due to violations of the Terms of Service of multiple platforms.
From our experience, he goes around YT channels asking if they want a free editor (2 videos or so per week). However, it takes multiple weeks to get one video and as soon as you get into an argument you can wave this person goodbye & expect hate on your YT channel.
The story
A few days ago, he sent Ryder, RGN's CEO (which we will now be addressing in first person, as he is the one writing this article) a link to a video by a YouTuber that is known for clickbaiting, stealing content and more (we will not mention their name here). I tell him that I'm sorry, but I'm not going to watch the video (due to the above reasons). He gets into a rant about how the YouTuber is so nice, definetly not clickbaiting and stealing content. I respond linking two videos showing proof of the YouTuber clickbaiting and stealing content, however he is having none of it and continues on ranting (he barely watched the intro of one video) how his YouTuber is so nice and not clickbaiting (blah blah) and I respond saying "Hey dude, opinions obviously vary so let's just move on", however he continues to waste 50 more minutes of my time until I just mute the notifications (note that I couldn't just ignore him because that would instantly result in him being toxic, quitting et cetera, but continuing would also just make the situation worse). After a few hours, he still continues on ranting and saying I'm arrogant, don't accept other's opinions (yes, of course, thats why I said that people have different opinions and that's completely fine! - I also told him countless times to stop, however he still continues on ranting). The next day, the whole story continues (and he starts disrespecting the YouTuber that exposed the other one), however I'm having none of it & saying "Please stop, we obviously have different opinions and none of us are likely to change them"... which obviously gets completely ignored. So I start ignoring his DMs until he says that he's quitting. Forward to the next day, he starts falsely accusing me of not crediting him in the videos that he edited. He also starts botting (or using alts to bombard with dislikes) videos of mine with dislikes, disrespecting me, using alts to disrespect and so on (Note that botting/using alts to bot videos violates YouTube's ToS and disrespecting staff violates RGN's ToS). Due to that, RGN terminated all of his access to our services due to violation of the ToS & We blacklisted him. (You can view it here)
He has posted three videos about me and all of them violate YouTube's ToS or violate copyright laws. Please DO NOT ever trust this person.
Another update:
He got friends to harass our employees and told a friend with 5k subs to publish a video encouraging hate.
Due to that, feel free to dislike-spam any of his videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfKzpOXBwt99JgcfdQbd3QQ
The RGN blacklist is publicly available at https://ryderg.net/databases/blacklist.txt for forum owners. Please refrain from abusing the provided data in any way as that is a violation of our ToS. And for anyone saying that we're not allowed to do that, please read our ToS

Don't trust this person. He clearly has too much time in his life so he goes around trolling and being annoying.

If anyone's interested:

2020-04-10 11_04_29-Window.png
More at https://ryderg.net/databases/blacklist.txt
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