Information Content Creator Rank Requirements


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Content Creators can apply for the [MVP] Rank starting at 150 YT subscribers and 20 views per video (please reach out to us via a Discord Ticket if you are creating content on other platforms).
You can apply for the [YouTube] Rank at 300+ YT subscribers and 30+ views per video (this will allow you to vanish and nick, but we treat rulebreaks VERY seriously. Please reach out to an admin or higher if you wish to do something that might be not allowed or on the fine line - this ALWAYS requires supervision by an admin or higher).
The [YouTube+] Rank is available at 1k+ subscribers. It will have some extra features.
The [YouTube++] Rank is available at 100k+ subscribers. It will have a ton of cool features and permissions! This requires direct approval by the Owner.

You can apply via a ticket on our Discord.

Amount of subscribers:
YT Link
Link to an unlisted video titled "RGN Verification" uploaded by the channel that you wish to apply with. (PLEASE TAKE THIS DOWN AFTER YOUR APPLICATION HAS BEEN REVIEWED!!)
How often you plan to upload
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