Update Beta 1.0.0 Released!


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We are extremely pleased to announce the official beta release of RGN. We're currently not listed on servers lists since its only an open beta, but as soon as testing is finished, we will release.

Most of our modes are available to play, just check our server selector GUI and/or the NPCs. Please note that since this is a beta, everything may be subject to change, including player progress. And obviously, cheating is not allowed even in the beta and our AntiCheat is already up on all servers.

You can already use our Store, however please note that only PvP and Custom Skyblock packages currently work, so please do not purchase any other packages. Further, we're in touch with our store developer to finish a few things in order to get PaymentWall to work - so please use Stripe or PayPal for now.

Ryder and the Staff Team.