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We are happy to announce the merge with PlethoraMC. All paperwork has been signed about a week ago and now we have discussed and agreed on the final details. PlethoraMC has been aquired by RGN, all operations will continue as normal on their proxy, and on launch day of RGN, the original PlethoraMC proxy will be shut down and the domain will be pointing to the RGN proxy.

What does this mean for me, the player?

More servers to play on. The changes should not be noticeable.
This is a dramatic increase in capacity (we now have about 154 Gigabytes of RAM) and some time in Winter it will probably increase by another 64G.

What about my ranks from PlethoraMC?
Ranks from PlethoraMC will carry over, however we are using the following system:
- All PlethoraMC Servers will have a unified rank system and so will the RGN part. So, for example you do /towny, which is a PlethoraMC server. If you have a $5 dollar rank for the PlethoraMC side of the network, it will override a $5 dollar rank from the RGN side. But if you have no rank, the RGN rank will still display and give you its features. The only time that a RGN rank overrides a PlethoraMC rank with the same price is with our Ultimate subscription rank. That will override.

What about their Discord?
PlethoraMC's discord will soon be read-only with a message telling you to join the RGN discord.
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