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How-to Guide for Support
Hey! This is a short guide on how to submit support tickets if you need support with anything on the Network.

General Ticket-based Support
For general help, visit ourcommunity support page. Please do not submit any private information, game-breaking bugs, cheats bypassing or similar things there. If you don't get an answer there in 48 hours or if the information is one of the above things then submit a ticket here.

Support for developers/Code-based tickets
All developers are welcome to submit these at our GitHub repos. Please select the respective repo (Server or Website), go to *Issues" and create a new issue. Wait, you're a developer, I don't need to explain simple things to you like to so (waaay) too many non-devs. Welcome in the club. Oh, and if you want to help us code because you're cool, hit us up with a support ticket in the private support section or at our GitHub. ❤ code
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