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How-to Guide for Support
Hey! This is a short guide on how to submit support tickets if you need support with anything on the Network.

General Ticket-based Support
For general help, visit our community support page. Please do not submit any private information, game-breaking bugs, cheats bypassing or similar things there. If you don't get an answer there in 48 hours or if the information is one of the above things then submit a ticket here.

Support for developers/Code-based tickets
All developers are welcome to submit these at our repos. If you do not have permissions to post an issue there, please use the ticket feature on our store. Please select the respective repo (Server or Website), go to *Issues" and create a new issue. Wait, you're a developer, I don't need to explain simple things to you like to so (waaay) too many non-devs. Welcome in the club. Oh, and if you want to help us code because you're cool, hit us up with a support ticket in the private support section or at our GitHub. ❤ code
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