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    [$5.99] RGNSYNC - Smart server start batch file for Windows v1.0.0

    RGNSync, the smart management system for your Minecraft network.
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    Announcement The moment you've all been waiting for...

    WE'RE RELEASING!! Actually, not that quick. We're done with all features on RGN and are just waiting for final bug tests & for feedback from our content creators (psst, feel free to apply in our discord if you're a content creator) before we launch. So expect the launch within 1-2 months!
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    Code RPCHelper - Custom Discord rich presence at your doorstep

    Introducing RPCHelper. It's a tool that allows you to create a custom Discord rich presence status! V. 1.0 downloads: Static4 mirror: NAS1 mirror: Source code: ..or file...
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    Announcement Minecraft at it's best - A mini-documentary

    Hello, This is an off-topic announcement about an upcoming mini-documentary about Minecraft's limits & what is possible within the boundaries of the game. You can watch the documentary when it releases at - we recommend you to turn on notifications so you don't miss the...
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    Announcement Beta V.1.1

    Hello, We've been busy improving our server and we're extremely pleased to announce the V. 1.1 Beta! We've completely changed our hub (social menu, new map, better profile menu and more!) and we're going to change our rank system on other servers over the following days to unify the ranking...
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    Exposing JurassicMines

    Hello, In this announcement we will be talking about something not related to this Network - Jurassic Mines. That server has been bot-spamming people's DMs recently on Discord & is also insanely P2W (more info: ). We would like to ask all of you to report their Discord Server located at...
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    Official RGN Password Generator - V. 2.0 - GUI & Improvements

    See release thread.
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    Update Beta 1.0.0 Released!

    Hello, We are extremely pleased to announce the official beta release of RGN. We're currently not listed on servers lists since its only an open beta, but as soon as testing is finished, we will release. Most of our modes are available to play, just check our server selector GUI and/or the...
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    Official RGN Password Generator 2.0

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    Announcement Website V. 3.0.0 Release

    Hello, We are happy to announce that our V. 3.0 Website is now released! The changelog is listed below and at Fixed White Space in footer Navbar elements moving up when selected Weird Logo Position Weird footer credits Added Different...
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    Password Generator Release Thread

    Hey all, I've created a basic C# Password Generator. Since the code is basic, I will not be open-sourcing it to make it harder to exploit any weaknesses in my code. A future version may or may not be open source when the generation is less predictable. V. 2.0 (Latest) Added a GUI Improved...
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    Ghost Setup

    Ghost is a blogging platform with modern design.
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    Announcement Announcing the merge with PlethoraMC

    Hello, We are happy to announce the merge with PlethoraMC. All paperwork has been signed about a week ago and now we have discussed and agreed on the final details. PlethoraMC has been aquired by RGN, all operations will continue as normal on their proxy, and on launch day of RGN, the original...
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    Is the server open to public?

    Hello, The server is currently in a partial beta (some modes are beta-testable, all progress may be reset at any point tho). Which means it's whitelisted. To apply for the beta tester rank, please dm RyderForReal#0001 or create a thread at
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    The blog has moved!

    Our brand-new blog is available at
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    Smart Server Install & Start File 1.1-RELEASE

    First of, a note: We highly recommend you to use your own repo with the Spigot JARs that YOU built. Do not use GitHub as your repo could be taken down since you're publicly hosting a Spigot JAR file. Windows only.