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  1. RyderForNow

    Update Beta 1.0.0 Released!

    Hello, We are extremely pleased to announce the official beta release of RGN. We're currently not listed on servers lists since its only an open beta, but as soon as testing is finished, we will release. Most of our modes are available to play, just check our server selector GUI and/or the...
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    Official RGN Password Generator 1.1.0

  3. RyderForNow

    Announcement Website V. 3.0.0 Release

    Hello, We are happy to announce that our V. 3.0 Website is now released! The changelog is listed below and at Fixed White Space in footer Navbar elements moving up when selected Weird Logo Position Weird footer credits Added Different...
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    Password Generator Release Thread

    Hey all, I've created a very basic C# Password Generator. Since the code is very basic and just a few lines of code long, I will not be open-sourcing it due to security concerns. A future version may or may not be open source when the generation is less predicatble. V. 1.1.0 (Latest) Added an...
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    Ghost Setup

    Ghost is a blogging platform with modern design.
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    Announcement Announcing the merge with PlethoraMC

    Hello, We are happy to announce the merge with PlethoraMC. All paperwork has been signed about a week ago and now we have discussed and agreed on the final details. PlethoraMC has been aquired by RGN, all operations will continue as normal on their proxy, and on launch day of RGN, the original...
  7. RyderForNow

    Is the server open to public?

    Hello, The server is currently in a partial beta (some modes are beta-testable, all progress may be reset at any point tho). Which means it's whitelisted. To apply for the beta tester rank, please dm RyderForReal#0001 or create a thread at
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    The blog has moved!

    Our brand-new blog is available at
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    Smart Server Install & Start File 1.1-RELEASE

    First of, a note: We highly recommend you to use your own repo with the Spigot JARs that YOU built. Do not use GitHub as your repo could be taken down since you're publicly hosting a Spigot JAR file. Windows only.
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    Addressing a common name question

    Is the server name RyderG or RyderG Network including the network? Network is included free of charge. While the Network in the name originated from us being a network, it makes more sense to generally include it. That's why the short name is RGN and not RG. (we still wouldn't say no to
  11. RyderForNow

    Announcement Introducing the ALPHA RGN Marketplace

    Hello, Due to recent events, we have decided to open up our marketplace for 3rd party developers. Currently, it is limited to Minecraft Plugins. You can submit new resources by going to Resources --> Add Resource --> Select your category. To submit paid resources, please open a ticket.
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    Please contact us to submit a paid plugin.
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    WordPress Setup

    We will set up your WordPress Website for you
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    MC Privacy Policy

    This policy is designed to operate together with our website's Privacy Policy. A few things overlap. Player Analytics This server uses a Player Analytics platform. Data gathered is stored locally on the server and is not transferred to third parties. If there is a data breach the owner of...
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    Announcement Alpha Testing

    Hello! We are glad to announce that select gamemodes on RGN can now be alpha-tested. Please apply at to get started.
  16. RyderForNow

    Information Progress!

    Hello! We are glad to announce that we have made major progress on many gamemodes and the following servers are almost ready to release (but we will only release when all modes are ready): - Prisons - Factions - SMP1 - Practice - PvP - Hub We have decided to not include a UHC server due to the...
  17. RyderForNow

    Update Update V. 1.5

    Hello! We have updated our forums once again & added a Home page with important announcements, reactions & an improved editor. Exact patch notes: - Added Home page - Reworked Reactions - Improved editor Please let us know if there are any bugs. - Ryder
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    The Creatorly Scam - DO NOT TRUST

    Oh shit, here we are back with Ep. 3 of DO NOT TRUST. This time we will be addressing Creatorly/Talentsy Creators/Enfinity. The Story Once again, this story will be in first person. In late 2019, I pay for "Creatorly"'s service (1 year) to get access to custom channel art, Epidemic Sound &...
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    Do not trust Kenhel "The editor"

    Due to us being a fair platform, we encourage people with counter-evidence to come forward as long as it is not biased in any way.
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    Information Content Creator Rank Requirements

    Content Creators can apply for the [Super] Rank starting at 150 YT subscribers and 20 views per video (please reach out to us via a Discord Ticket if you are creating content on other platforms). You can apply for the [YouTube] Rank at 300+ YT subscribers and 50+ views per video (this will allow...