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  1. RyderForNow

    Update V. 1.3 "Community Update" Patch Notes

    Hello! Yesterday we rolled out parts of the update 1.3 as beta - today we're releasing it as normal release! The following changes were made: Added Twitter Added new Application types Remade applications Released application guide Remember: Staff applications are open. Apply now at...
  2. RyderForNow

    Information Staff Application Guide

    Staff Application Guide NOTE: Minecraft Staff members can get Staff on Discord without re-applying, but not vice versa Here are the requirements for the "Modding" role ladder: Requirements for the "Developer" role ladder: Requirements for the "Community" role ladder: Requirements for the...
  3. RyderForNow

    Information How to submit a support ticket

    How-to Guide for Support Hey! This is a short guide on how to submit support tickets if you need support with anything on the Network. General Ticket-based Support For general help, visit our community support page. Please do not submit any private information, game-breaking bugs, cheats...
  4. RyderForNow

    Information Punishments and Appeals

    Punishments and Appeals Please make sure to read the server rules before submitting an appeal of the type "False punishment" NOTE: Please don't start with "Free Speech" or "You're racist" in ban appeals. RGN has the right to suspend any user's access for any reason, at any time, for any...
  5. RyderForNow

    Information We have a subreddit!

    Hey! We are happy to announce that we have a new subreddit at r/RyderGNetwork! Make sure to check it out & feel free to post there. By the way: Discord staff applications are open now! More on that in a later post. (Discord link: https://rgn.one/discord)
  6. RyderForNow

    Resource Rules

    We have recently added a resources page to share plugins, themes and more. Here are the rules that you must follow when posting: No test resources No scams No addons, plugins, themes etc that create a DoS condition for the server its run on or any clients (this includes viruses). Not following...
  7. RyderForNow

    Update Forums Hotfix 1.0.1

    Permission Exploit Hotfix Hello! We have discovered a critical permission exploit that allowed anyone to execute moderation actions in certain forums. This has now been patched. As usual, please submit bug reports here. Please note that abuse of any bugs will lead to your account being...
  8. RyderForNow

    RGN Banner 1.0

    Please include a link when posting this anywhere and do not claim it as yours.
  9. RyderForNow

    Information Bedwars and Skyblock

    Hello! In this short post I wanted to adress the modes that we are planning to have on release: - Bedwars - Skyblock Skyblock is highly modded (like Hypixel Skyblock, for example) and due to that we will prepare for a long-lasting playerbase starting from launch. Bedwars WILL NOT be...
  10. RyderForNow

    Teaser Teaser #1

    Hub: Functional, 90% feature-wise Proxy: Functional, 95% feature-wise SB: Not functional, 5% feature-wise
  11. RyderForNow

    Information Founder's Benefits

    Founder's Benefits First, let's do a QnA: Q: Why should I support this server before launch? (Kickstart) A 1: You would help out a high-quality (Swiss quality actually, because that's where I'm from😂) MC Network that has lots of growing potential since we have many ideas, but don't have the...
  12. RyderForNow

    Client Modifications

    Hello! In this post we will be clarifying what mods are allowed and which ones aren't. Any mods that aren't here are graylisted (works similarly to Hypixel, but you can appeal when you're sorry) so they are to be used at your own risk. Blacklisted modifications: Hacked Clients / Ghost Clients...
  13. RyderForNow

    Working on RGN

    Working on RGN
  14. RyderForNow

    Hello there.

  15. RyderForNow

    Why Justin from BackSpin-Hosting can't be trusted

    Well, I didn't say he's bad and noone should like him. That was my side of the story.
  16. RyderForNow

    Network Rules

    These are RGN's Network rules. Violation may result in punishment. No threats No impersonation No DoS/DDoSing and no raiding No unfair advantages; read about whitelisted mods here No staff disrespect Do not evade punishments Listen to staff - They have the final say No toxicity Unspoken rule...
  17. RyderForNow

    Why Justin from BackSpin-Hosting can't be trusted

    Hey there! I didn’t make this post to get anyone to quit working with hin, but rather as info for anyone who’s considering to. And obviously you working with Justin is no problem. Just note that you‘re a bit wrong about the toxic part
  18. RyderForNow

    hey there!

    hey there!
  19. RyderForNow

    Why Justin from BackSpin-Hosting can't be trusted

    Hey Snowy! As I have pointed out, I do not want people to hate on justin and neither am I saying the whole company is untrusted. However, thank you very much for your feedback as it is very important. EDIT: I have tried to discuss the demotion with Justin, however he was the one who reacted...
  20. RyderForNow

    Why Justin from BackSpin-Hosting can't be trusted

    EDIT: Many people reacted negatively saying this post is to encourage hate. It is not and please DO NOT hate on him. This is just a "review" and to explain why people, in my opinion, shouldn't work with him. Thank you for understanding, Ryder
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