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Announcement Introducing the ALPHA RGN Marketplace

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Due to recent events, we have decided to open up our marketplace for 3rd party developers. Currently, it is limited to Minecraft Plugins. You can submit new resources by going to Resources --> Add Resource --> Select your category.

To submit paid resources, please open a ticket.

Announcement Alpha Testing

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We are glad to announce that select gamemodes on RGN can now be alpha-tested. Please apply at https://ryderg.net/forums/privatesupport/post-thread to get started.

Information Progress!

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We are glad to announce that we have made major progress on many gamemodes and the following servers are almost ready to release (but we will only release when all modes are ready):
- Prisons
- Factions
- SMP1
- Practice
- PvP
- Hub

We have decided to not include a UHC server due to the player requirements.

Update Update V. 1.5

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We have updated our forums once again & added a Home page with important announcements, reactions & an improved editor.

Exact patch notes:
- Added Home page
- Reworked Reactions
- Improved editor

Please let us know if there are any bugs.

- Ryder

Information Content Creator Rank Requirements

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Are you a YouTube Creator? Twitch? Mixer? Well if you are, this is the thread for you.

Content Creators can apply for the [Super] Rank starting at 150 YT subscribers and 20 views per video (please reach out to us via a Discord Ticket if you are creating content on other platforms).
You can apply for the [YouTube] Rank at 300+ YT subscribers and 50+ views per video (this will allow you to vanish and nick, but we treat rulebreaks VERY seriously. Please reach out to an admin or higher if you...

Announcement Chat App

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Today I am happy to announce our latest service update: RGN Chat (Beta).
We are working on finalizing the app, however it is now publicly usable at https://chat.rgn.one!
Please be careful with enabling App-Based 2FA as we are not sure if it will work (feel free to test it on alt accounts - that would even be appreciated as we need more tests!)

You can also access our Chat app via the Desktop and Mobile apps. Just head over to https://rocket.chat/install to download it...
Chat Application.

Information Punishment Tests

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We are currently testing our punishment system (includes a fancy GUI). That is why you'll be seeing random bans on our Bans Site.

Update Update V. 1.4

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We have pushed out V. 1.4 as a release-type update. The following changes have been made:

  • Added a Discord integration
  • Ban sync
  • Role sync
  • Server preview widget that you can see in the bottom right-hand corner
  • Webhook to post any forum threads in the Discord server
  • Added featured threads (Good and informative posts will be featured!)
  • Added profile banners
  • Improved code embeds (Insert --> Code)
  • Improved attachments, EXIF data...
V. 1.4 Update.

Announcement Update V.1.4 beta

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We have pushed out a beta of the update 1.4 which includes a Discord integration, featured posts and more!
Please report any bugs to us at RyderG.net/forums/privatesupport/post-thread!

Enjoy your day!
Ryder and the staff team

Information Staff Application Guide

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Staff Application Guide
So... Here's the thing: If you can't apply without this guide, I don't think you are suitable for staff...
NOTE: Minecraft Staff members can get Staff on Discord without re-applying, but not vice versa.

Here are the requirements for the "Modding" role ladder:
Please DO NOT apply for Staff if one or more of...

Information How to submit a support ticket

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How-to Guide for Support
Hey! This is a short guide on how to submit support tickets if you need support with anything on the Network.

General Ticket-based Support
For general help, visit ourcommunity support page. Please do not submit any private information, game-breaking bugs, cheats bypassing or...

Information Punishments and Appeals

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Punishments and Appeals

Please make sure to read the server rules before submitting an appeal of the type "False punishment"
NOTE: Don't waste our time with any trolls or bullshit like "fReE sPeEcH i WiLl TeLl My DaD tO sUe U". We will not tolerate such behavior and will make sure that such people get the opposite of what they want (does a Permanent IP-Ban +...

Information We have a subreddit!

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We are happy to announce that we have a new subreddit at r/RyderGNetwork! Make sure to check it out & feel free to post there.

By the way: Discord staff applications are open now! More on that in a later post. (Discord link: https://rgn.one/discord)


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