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Punishments and Appeals

Please make sure to read the server rules before submitting an appeal of the type "False punishment"
NOTE: Don't waste our time with any trolls or bullshit like "fReE sPeEcH i WiLl TeLl My DaD tO sUe U". We will not tolerate such behavior and will make sure that such people get the opposite of what they want (does a Permanent IP-Ban + blacklist sound good?).

Why was I punished?

If you have been punished, you have probably broke one of our rules.


This includes advertising your social media, another MC Server, Discord servers etc.

Discussing negative events in history in a positive way/Promoting (war) crimes, terrorism etc

This means things like saying "I love Hitler" or discussing other things that negatively affected history in a positive way.

Compromising other's privacy

This means you were revealing private information about another player to harm them.

Misleading other players to do things that they shouldn't/Misleading others to /hub or similar

This means you were misleading players to perform actions or use commands that are either against the server rules or disrupt their experience (e.g. /hub, Alt F4).

Excessive Swearing/Toxicity/Rudeness

This includes aggressive messages, bypassing chat filters (saying f*ck will actually double your punishment because it's evasion of automod), harassing other players and more.

Inappropriate Behavior

This means discussing things that are not appropriate on the Network. This includes, but is not limited, to chat involving drugs, sexual topics and/or breaking the law.


Spamming is posting the same message over and over and/or posting random characters/messages in chat.


This means that you were disrespectful to someone/a group or people because of: Their religion, beliefs, color, age, disabilities, gender. (Things like calling your "Guild/Clan" "The gods of the Network" is absolutely fine. So is talking about things that aren't welcome in a certain religion - as long as it doesn't violate our rules - e.g. consuming a certain type of meat, smoking, etc)

Harmful Behaviour

This includes, but isn't limited to telling others to do something that physically or mentally harms them.

Discussing Cheating on our Network

This means you were discussing cheating (or anything else that breaks our rules) in a positive way (promoting it). (e.g. I might buy a hacked client/What are your [cheat] settings - trolling is ok - so if someone hackusates you, you're allowed to respond with things like "Yes, like my KillAura/Fly settings" - this is at your own risk though as it CAN lead to a false punishment)

Wasting Staff's Time
You are not allowed to troll staff and/or waste their time unless they are casually playing. Even then, please respect their wishes.

Being toxic to ex-staff
You are not permitted to harass ex-staff members in any way. We will issue strict punishments for violations.



This includes, but is not limited to: Sharing items with a different team/attacking another player in a team with a non-team member in a mode that doesn't allow that.
We are working on our AntiCheat to detect and autoban for teaming. Please appeal false bans at the link provided in the appeal section.

Using cosmetics or items in an inappropriate way

This means you were using cosmetic items to swear, be rude, create names that may be sexual, violent, or have negative references to people or world events that are not acceptable.

Trying to sell accounts

This means that you were trying to sell game accounts over a 3rd party website or that you promoted them.

Team killing/Griefing

This means you were found to be breaking your team's defenses, team killing and or destroying progression in a game mode which has the chance to affect the team’s odds of winning.

Building something inappropriate

This means you created a build that is inappropriate due to the sexual or other negative nature of said build.

Inappropriate item names

This means you made an item with an inappropriate reference towards either sexual or negative matters. This includes signs and cosmetic items.

Account Compromised

This means that someone most likely got access to your account. PLEASE NEVER SHARE YOUR ACCOUNT LOGIN WITH ANYONE! - Not even with your family. We WILL NOT unban you for any rulebreaks that were done by someone else as it is your responsibility to secure your account.


This means that you were impersonating a staff member, YouTube rank player or other players. This includes, but is not limited to, saying you're a Staff member/YTer on an alt account, pretending to punish players or similar things.

Encouraging Rulebreaking

This includes, but is not limited to: Promoting content that promotes rulebreaking on ANY server/game or telling someone to break the rules.

Trying to get access someone's account, asking for in-game currency in any game

This includes, but isn't limited to: Asking for in-game currency, asking for account details or impersonating to get access to someone's account (social engineering).

Scamming and Phishing

Telling someone to click a link to a fake website to get their details, promoting "free [something] " websites and scamming people out of in-game currency, in-game items, money and other things.

Inappropriate Skin/Cape

This means wearing a skin or cape that contains inappropriate images, symbols or text.

Encouraging others to cheat

This means saying "Just use cheats dude and you'll be good at the game" and other things that promote cheating.

Blacklisted modifications

This means that you were using hard- and software to get an advantage over others. Read about whitelisted mods at

How to appeal

If you were falsely punished or if you want to apologize for rulebreaks then you can appeal.


NOTE: Please read all the info on this thread before appealing!


Go to to create an appeal.


Appeals sent via any other platform will be ignored. Spamming staff members to review your appeal will result in instant denial, so will spammed appeals. You can only appeal once per punishment. (the third offence usually cannot be appealed)

3rd party account websites
If you bought your account from anywhere other than Minecraft's official website we will deny your appeal.
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