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This is the reason we help businesses in establishing their brand's online presence, allowing them to reach more customers and drive sales.


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From our work in the industry, we have specialized in a number of areas.

  • Web Development
  • Game Servers
  • Digital Content Creation
  • Community Management

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helps drive sales and satisfaction*

We can help your business increase satisfaction and sales by integrating your website with a forum or comments section.



  • Hannah Sinha
    Before working with RGN Development, I was clueless about the process of website building. RyderForNow did an excellent job with the website, guiding me through decisions and explaining their implications on the way with a lot of patience and humor. So not only do I have a beautiful website now, but I also have the skills to make smaller changes myself. RGN Development definitely knows how to include the client and his needs in the process in a very smart, competent, and efficient manner.
  • Dreaded (Review for RGN Minecraft Server)
    While not fully developed at the time I played, RGN was a very fun server to play on. Its Island PvP gamemode was very cool and I really enjoyed playing with my friends. The server also had very cool custom items on Bedwars (for example, the TNT launched you to space).
    Dreaded (Review for RGN Minecraft Server)


1I am interested in your Website Setups, how can I learn more?
Glad to hear! You can visit our web development website, to learn more, including contacting us for a quote.
2I am interested in Minecraft Server Setups, how can I learn more?
As with our Website Setups, you can visit our development website, to learn more, including getting a quote. We might even be able to offer you a discount if you combine a Minecraft setup with a Website setup!
3I am interested in Content Creation/Community Management services, how can I learn more?
We're glad to hear that you are interested in those services. However, we sadly do not offer them at this time.
4Has RGN been acquired by another company? I am not used to this website!
RGN has not been acquired by another company and we still have forums - and who knows, maybe the RGN Minecraft server will return...
5I am not sure if I can afford one of your development services, can I get a discount?
Our setups start at low, affordable prices, so we do not offer discounts at this time. However, you may be able to get a volume discount if you buy a Minecraft setup and a Website setup.
6I have a different question. How do I contact you?
You can contact us using the "Contact Us" section below.


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